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multifunction GSM communicator RFGSM-220M

Mã SP:
Giá: Liên hệ
Xuất xứ: Chính hãng

Bảo hành: 36 tháng
Hãng: iNELS
Kho hàng: Đang có hàng

RF trasnmitter: The GSM communicator can be used for remote switching of heating, lights, barriers, gates and for ascertaining the status of the RF Control actuator (ON, OFF, temperature level) 2x switching 8A. 11-30V DC

NEWLY with function ARM / DISARM

It is a security function that is used for activation and deactivation of the guarded zone
Setting possibility of 3 independent guarded zones
Inputs, which will form the guarded zone (1 of 3), can be selected variably,
You can select a group of numbers which has a permission to switch on / off the guarded zone
The possibility to choose to which service number alarm SMS comes
The alarm itself can be signalled by switching actuators connected e.g. to the light or siren.
Ability to set up departure delay
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