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Wireless wall switch button RFWB-20/G, RFWB-40/G

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wireless wall switch button in the LOGUS90 design

The image is illustrative.

RFWB switches in LOGUS90 design you can place (glue) directly to glass, furniture, wood or face brick!!!
wireless wall switch buttons serve as transmitters to control RF Control system receivers
the flat design makes it ideal for easy and quick installation on any surface (glass, wood, wall...)
the signal is transmitted via wireless communication between the system units
wireless wall switch buttons may simultaneously control an unlimited number of assigned actuators within the range of the RF signal
keep in mind that the radio signal range for RF installations depends on the building structure, materials used and the manner of unit location in the area
based on an impulse (pressing a button), these switches can send a radio signal with information to the receiver
the transmitters are battery-powered
battery life is about 5 years (depending on the frequency of use)
RFWB-20/G: 2-channel wireless wall switch button in LOGUS90 design
RFWB-40/G: 4-channel wireless wall switch button in LOGUS90 design
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