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iHC-MA - Application for smartphone

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Bảo hành: 36 tháng
Hãng: iNELS
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Software iHC-MA for mobile phones with OS Android.

This iHC application is free to dowload: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.elkoep.ihcma.
iNELS Home Control (iHC) is an application for controlling iNELS system and integrated technologies. The main advantage is that all technologies can be controlled by one application from wherever you are – if you are connected at home using local network (LAN) or through your mobile when you are not at home.
For controlling electrical units (connected to the central unit CU) the iHC application works directly (it means it does not need iMM and Connection server). The configuration is performed on the basic of the generated file (file export.pub is generated in IDM settings and based on the project stored in central unit) on public server (
To connect bus system iNELS with other technologies in the house, the Connection Server is necessary. It serves like a translator of IP protocols of third party devices.
In the case you want to control everything, including multimedia, it is necessary to use iMM Server which also serves like a storage (movies, photos, music).

Application iHC allows you to:

1) iHC configurated from public server:

Light switching
Light dimming
Heating control
Blinds/shutters/awnings control
Sockets control
Irrigation control
Security control
Controlling of garage doors
Control the appliances connected to bus units
2) iHC in combination with Connection server:

the same functions as mentioned above in section 1)
camera control
communication with door communicators
operating the air conditioning / recovery units
control of Miele appliances
measurement and visualization of energy
display data from weather station
3) iHC in combination with iMM Client:

the same functions as mentioned above in section 2)
multimedia control - view pictures, music, movies and TV
control electro-installation from floorplan
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